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There are a number of ways YOU can help put an end to Fake Clinics and promote safe, reliable and honest reproductive healthcare in Florida

Anyone can research the licensure and complaint history of a medical facility.  Visit the Florida Department of Health before you seek the services of any healthcare provider.

Anyone can file a complaint about a licensed healthcare facility Here

Spread the word about the danger of fake clinics on your social media and follow our accounts on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. You can use the hashtags #ProTruth #FakeClinic for more visibility.

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Share your opinion by submitting a letter about limited service pregnancy centers (fake clinics) to your local newspaper. Here are guidelines for writing a Letter to the Editor.

Here are additional tips: English | Spanish

Leave negative, but accurate and honest reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, and other review sites about problematic anti-abortion pregnancy centers in your community.  Pro-Truth Florida and the FRF Fake Clinics Work Group, in partnership with national partner, www.ExposeFakeClinics.com encourages Florida reproductive rights advocates to leave reviews for anti-abortion pregnancy centers on Google Maps, Yelp, and other review sites that inform those searching for abortion care or other sexual health services that this particular operation is not a comprehensive women’s health care provider.  Honest reviews that provide evidence gleaned from the anti-abortion pregnancy center’s own website or from phone calls or visits, that clarify the services of the operation for unfamiliar potential patients is the goal. Is this new for you? Need some help getting started? Here is the tip sheet for leaving reviews for fake clinics. Here’s the tip sheet in Spanish.


Speak to your legislators about the deceitful practices of these centers. Click here to find your State Senator and your representative in the Florida House of Representatives here . Call for transparency about the clinics – that they do not provide abortions, demand that they prove they are genuine healthcare providers by being licensed and protecting clients by following HIPPA guidelines and finally, DEMAND to know why taxpayers money is supporting them with over $4.5 million dollars. DEMAND to know why the state is supporting what are clearly religiously affiliated facilities.